My Story


Inspirational Writer , Author and

Certified Medical Intuitive


There has always been a whispering Angelic voice and

energy that has played along side me when I was a

child; carried her voice through me throughout

adolescence, and into young adulthood.  An Angelic

Voice that reminded me that there is something bigger

than me out there.  Something bigger and far more magical

than any perceived "random meetings of strangers (who I felt I've known forever)", "chance encounters with opportunities", or "surprise strikes of luck."


It took me one sunny and very early morning overlooking the ocean  and mountains of Vancouver, BC, Canada, atop a bridge - finally just quiet enough for me to truly pay                                                                         attention, which led me to writing my ' sMiLeS'. I will never forget                                                          that moment. May 12,2007. I was walking my dog, Julius,                                                                        6am.  It was a sunny Saturday morning. The Burrard street                                                                   bridge overlooks the mountains and ocean.                                                                                    

                                                            There is nothing more breathtaking. I remember looking and                                                       stopping. Jules was still walking, and I asked for him to come                                                  back over. He turned around, and walked back to me. I pointed out into the distance, and out loud I actually said "Do you see this magic? There is so much more happening all around us than merely circumstances, or situations that we are going through."


He literally looked ahead and then looked back up at me and I

heard him speak right into my Heart the words "I have known

this, this the whole time, and now you cannot go back."

Tears hit me and I felt my Heart filled with butterflies.

We kept walking home, back to our condo.

I was in awe of what just happened. As soon as we got in the

door, a pooped Julius jumped on his favorite quilt on my bed, and

fell fast asleep. I remember staring at him, standing at my bedroom doorway. I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do next. Then, a 'whisper' told me to open my laptop, and minutes later, without a conscious plan, I started writing.


Nicknamed 'Lucy' since I was 11, this voice that surrounded me prompted me to use my childlike identity, wonder and curiosity about life's magic, add a smile, and share it with the World.  Hense my writing identity "LuCy sMiLeS"

                                                               As years went on, and 500 'sMiLeS' and 1000+ quotes later,                                                                    I found myself fatigued, dealing with anxiety, and adrenal                                                                      burnout, mixed with severe systemic inflammation. I                                                                             had been sharing messages of the importance                                                                                    of raising our energy vibration, being mindful of                                                                                 our environments and our influences, for optimal health,                                                              and meanwhile my health was on the decline. 

After my diagnosis from my Naturopath and knowing I needed to make changes, I didn't really know where to start. Then one day, a week after I put an intention out there, that the right information will come to me, and I will be open to receive- I received a 'text message' from a friend of mine, whom I hadn't connected with for well over a year. The text read simply 'I have something I would love to share with you, send me your address and I will send you samples." This was the beginning of my journey to learning about how to optimize our fuel source with the power of Ketones and Ketosis. I was able to incorporate a Pure product into my chaotic lifestyle as an Entrepreneur, and my health began to change. My fatigue no longer took over my day, my mood lifted, my focus was stellar and I finally slept, after months of restlessness nights, overwhelmed with anxiety.


We can have all the inspiration in the World to support us, but when our body is compromised due to stress, lack of nutrients, poor digestion, or any physical challenges, we are not in alignment with body, mind & spirit. 

This led me to dedicating my career over the last 4 years with educating, supporting, and informing people on the power of optimizing our brain and body with incorporating our native fuel source- Ketones. 


I realized that when we FEEL BETTER we can DO BETTER. I am dedicated to supporting a Community around the importance of Mind, Body & Soul optimal health & wellness.


 With Love,

Diane Lauzon